Culture of Choice


    nce upon a time Yiddishkeit incubated, pastured, and harvested its rewards at home.

    And Yeshiva was for scholars.

    Society changed . ’Home’ moved in many ways to the the yeshiva. Here you learned the code and lifestyle of Jewish basics, some love and commitment to the fold, but the emphasis was observance through information.

    Yeshiva is about to make another sea change.

    The reason is simple.


    They are everywhere. From the shopping aisles with 20 kosher versions of your favorite flavor of cookie, to the ubiquitous sushi store and ten ways to ‘rice wrap’ salmon and tuna, you can have just about everything you want.

    The Yeshiva Bochurim experience it. And the fathers experience it. And our daughters experience it.

    But this potpourri is not limited to picking out what what I will wear, or where to eat.

    Choice today is in the inner world. Will I be a “ chassidish Chabdnick,” a Lubavitcher Chassid, a Chabad Lite, or will I create my own Whatsapp group and start a new track.
    The culture of Choice has evolved into our culture, that you can choose to drop out, remain in Crown Heights, and remain accepted .

    This blog explores the world of Choice. Why now do we live in a world of ‘infinite’ choice? How does this effect conditions in the home, in the yeshiva, and more important, in the hearts and minds of each of us. Most important, how can we use the Culture of Choice to our advantage. It need not be the enemy.

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