The community is invited to join a community forum on Chinuch


    28Nissan 5777 – New Yeshiva Chinuch community forum launched this week: One Voice, One Message.

    “Chinuch is groundwork. How our children will participate in the goals, mission, and vision of a Chabad Chassidic lifestyle is decided in their years of Chinuch in Yeshiva. We believe that Chinuch is a community project. It reaches beyond the family and connects to all  Yeshivos in our global community. For this reason, explained Rabbi Gil Hami, dean of the Lev Tmimim Yeshiva, we began the OneVoice Vlog.  We encourage and hope that as many  parents, students, and Yeshiva faculty members throughout Chabad will join in creating a global discussion that will shape a clearer vision for all our children.”

    The OneVoice Vlog hosts a video presentation every month.  This month’s topic is Chayil – Chossid, Yerei Shomoyim, and Lamdan.” Why is Lamdan last?

    What are your expectations for your son when you send him away to Yeshiva?  Are grades important to you?  His behavior?  How he dresses?  How do others’ influence your son’s behavior?  How do you get across to him what a Chossid is?

    Your insights, experience and suggestions are eagerly awaited by hundreds and thousands of fellow Chabad families. Join the collaborative effort. Post anonymously if you wish.

    Articles, posts and comments are welcome and encouraged.  Comments can be posted below each post.  To post an article or new blog post, please send to [email protected]

    One Voice. One Message.